29 June 2020

Extension of recruitment of Invento Accelerator

Due to the constantly growing number of applications coming to Invento Accelerator and the suggestion of our partners, we have decided to extend the current recruitment […]
25 June 2020

Recruitment for Invento Accelerator is underway

We invite you to read the interview with our participation on the MamStarup website. “Recruitment for Invento Accelerator is underway. We talk about accelerator representatives about […]
24 April 2020

Call For Innovators

Do you have an innovative idea how to overcome the crisis caused by COVID-19? Or do you just want to do something good? Maybe it’s your […]
10 April 2020

World Innovation in Action, OurCrowd 2020 in Jerusalem

The startup world met in Jerusalem on February 11-13, 2020 at the OurCrowd Global Investor Summit 2020 global summit. The event was attended by innovators, entrepreneurs...
10 April 2020

Summary of 2019 in Invento Capital

Six promising investments, an enlarged team, a new office and good prospects for further development of activities for the industry of AI & Robotics, Fintech & Edutech, Medicine & Longevity, New Energy & Cleantech. That is the summary...